Omega R&D™ | Remote Start and Alarm Systems


- Two 433MHz 4-button, 1-way remotes

- 1,500 ft of range

- ECHO compatible

- Powered by a RS-X70 module

- Dual data ports

- Auto detects protocol independently

- Vehicle Learn Mode

- Self Diagnoses RS connections

- Full Security Suite built-in

- Horn Honk Alert

- Low temperature and Low volt auto start

- Data shock sensor compatible

- Stick shift compatible

- XL Pit Stop Mode: Runs for 12 hours

Remote Start prices do vary. Please, call for quote.

Additional Information:

Omega has a wide range of security parts such as air horns, vehicle alarm systems,

remote car starters, installation access and miscellaneous merchandise.

The audio products from this company have been designed in the consideration to

the wishes of their customers. This gives them customer appeal and

accounts for their popularity. The pricing of the items is also competitive.

The RS-370 offers the latest in security and convenience technology. When upgraded with Omega's ECHO 2-Way technology, you can check the status of your vehicle right at your fingertips. Intuitive ECHO upgrade reporting, gives you real-time alerts for all security and convenience functions. The built-in remote start capability will keep your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our state-of-the-art vehicle security platform offers unsurpassed vehicle protection that only can be offered by Excalibur's 30+ year legacy.